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Thin annealed steel sheet with both surfaces covered with stannous tin is called tinplate. EPT and HDT — these abbreviations can often be seen beside the “number” of the product defining its thickness. The first letters inform us about the method of tinning: “hot-dipped”, when the plate is dipped into a special solution or rubbed it with molten metal, or “electroplating”, when the plate is placed into a galvanic bath and apply current.



 Products Description Electrolytic tinplate (EZhK, EZhR, EZhON) in coils and sheets. Hot dip tinplate (GZhK, GZhR) in sheets.
 Details of Mills, Characteristics Electric tinning line of Coating Division – coils with dimensions: 0.18-0.36х712-820 mm; and sheets with dimensions: 0.18-0.36х712-820х512-992 mm. Mill “1200” – electrolytic tinplate in sheets with dimensions: 0.18-0.36х712х512 or 820 mm; and hot dip tinplate in sheets with dimensions: 0.2-0.5х712х512  mm. Final sizes to be agreed upon while contract execution.
General Characteristics Coil inner diam. – 500 mm.
Delivery Standard Document  Dimensions, mm  Steel Grades  Characteristics
GOST 13345 0.18-0.36х712-820х512-910 EZhK, EZhR EZhK-D, EZhR-D  By application – canning quality (EZhK, GZhK),

for various applications (EZhR, GZhR).

Coating class of electrolytic tinplate: equal coating – I, II, III, varied coating – DI, DII, DIII.

Coating class of hot dip tinplate – I, II.

By hardness degree – А2 (57+/-3), В (61+/-3).

0.2-0.36х712х512 GZhK, GZhR
TP 14-101-405   0,18-0,36х712-820х512-992, not included in GОSТ 13345  EZhK, EZhR, EZhK-D, EZhR-D
STO ММК 274  0.45-0.50х712х512  GZhK, GZhR Coating class – I, II. By hardness degree – А1 (53+/-3), А2 (57+/-3).
 Packing Coils of up to 4.5 mt – for horizontal axis stacking, of up to 7 mt – for “eye- to-sky” stacking. Sheets in bundles of up to 1.6 mt.
Marking Paper stickers.